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The intent of this project is to create a working that can be done by a sincere aspirant, with the desired outcome of the individual's Gnosis, Theosis, or other designation to be determined, the removal from the wheel of fate, and the performance of miracles. Or something. We're not talking about a reconstruction of an ancient, lost set of rituals, but the creation/discovery of something new, taking the ancient sources as our inspiration and starting point. We need to remain open to the possibility that the final outcome may not actually resemble anything we're expecting. It is the result that is important, the method is to be whatever works.

How to Participate

Thank you for your interest in our project! Please begin by taking a look through the website and familiarizing yourself with our various notes. Nothing is particularly well organized or formal, at least not at this early stage, but it should give you a starting point. As a wiki, it is designed to change frequently as we gather new information, so check back every now and then.

Next, create an account on the wiki (top right of this page) and email Fr. Tony ( to let him know your user name (you can use a pseudonym if you don't feel comfortable using your real name, this website is public). The wiki is locked, so he'll need to give you editing permissions. We welcome your participation, but spam is a constant struggle, and we'll want to know a bit about you before you begin.

We are currently in what we're calling "The First Stage" of the project (original, right?). This stage is essentially about building the tools we need in order to create the working itself, so it's very preliminary. Check out the Rituals of the First Stage and feel free to begin doing the first ritual. As part of this ritual you are asked to take notes on your experiences. Please keep those notes someplace safe, but don't share them with us until we have our wrap-up meeting for the first ritual. I'd like to try to keep a kind of double-blind thing going so we can test our work.

If you have questions, please email Fr. Tony, and thanks again for helping out!


“And these people make use of sorcery, spells, invocations, and the remaining kinds of superstitious practice. And they also concoct certain names, as it were, of angels. They report that some reside in the first heaven, others in the second, and thus they strain to relate in full the names, sources, angels, and authorities of the 365 heavens that they have fabricated. And thus, they say, the name under which the savior descended and ascended was Kaulakaua. So whoever learns these things and becomes acquainted with all the angels and the causes of their existence - such a person becomes invisible and incomprehensible to all angels and authorities, just as Kaulakaua was. And just as the child was unrecognized by all, so too, those people shall not be recognized by any; but rather, whereas they know all and pass through all, they themselves are invisible and unrecognized by all. For, they say, recognize all. But let none recognize you!”

Excerpta ex Theodoto

“76 As, therefore, the birth of the Saviour released us from "be coming" and from Fate, so also his baptism rescued us from fire, and ,his Passion rescued, us from passion in order that we might in all things follow him. For he who was baptised unto God advanced toward God and has received "power to walk upon scorpions and snakes," the evil powers. And he commands the disciples "When ye go about, preach and them that believe baptise in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit," in whom we are born again, becoming higher than all the other powers.

77 Therefore baptism is called death and an end of the old life when we take leave of the evil principalities, but it is also called life according to Christ, of which he is sole Lord. But the power of the transformation of him who is baptised does not concern the body but the soul, for he who comes up <out of the water> is unchanged. From the moment when he comes up from baptism he is called a servant of God even by the unclean spirits and they now" tremble" at him whom shortly before they obsessed.

78 Until baptism, they say, Fate is real, but after it the astrologists are no longer right. But it is not only the washing that is liberating, but the knowledge of who we were, and what we have become, where we were or where we were placed, whither we hasten, from what we are redeemed, what birth is and what rebirth.’”

How to work with this wiki

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